What is the People Tree Foundation?

The People Tree Foundation is an independent charity, working alongside People Tree the Fair Trade Company. People Tree had its beginnings in 1991, and continues today to be the pioneer of Fair Trade Fashion internationally, promoting environmental justice and Fair Trade.

The Foundation will bring benefits to an even greater number of farmers and artisans through scaling up training, technical support and environmental initiatives and through raising awareness and campaigning for fair and sustainable fashion.

Our Mission

  • To alleviate poverty and create decent livelihoods in developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America through the promotion of Fair Trade
  • To protect the environment through the promotion of environmental projects related to the communities People Tree works in and the garment trade in general.
  • Campaign to create an empowering environment for Fair Trade and sustainability amongst the public, business leaders and policy makers
  • To promote community development by supporting community projects where People Tree works (including the establishments and running of schools).
  • To promote and develop awareness of Fair Trade and environmental issues in Britain and the developed world.

Contact us: people@peopletree.co.uk or read more at: www.peopletreefoundation.org

Discover the type of projects The People Tree Foundation helps to support.

Bombolulu: Mombassa, Kenya

Due to the heavy rains, Bombolulu Workshops were adversely affected by flooding and operations had to temporarily stop.

Despite the measures Bombolulu put in to place to mitigate this, the rains were too heavy and infrastructure in the surrounding areas could not support the flooding. Property, items and artisans residential houses were affected.  Thankfully, no one got injured and no life was lost.

Bombolulu are back working again but they have lost vital equipment such as replacing computers and tools and making repairs so the People Tree Foundation are supporting Bombolulu to get back on their feet and you can too. We urgently need to replace/ purchase the computers that were destroyed by the floods i.e. for the Production Incharge, Marketing Department , Design Department and the one for Store.

When you place your order you will have the opportunity to click ‘donate’ to The People Tree Foundation. 

Who are Bombolulu?

Bombolulu was established in 1969 to provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Besides jewellery, Bombolulu creates leatherwork, carving and textiles, providing work for over 100 people. Artisans at Bombolulu make every detail of the jewelry by hand – even the link of each chain is made by hand. Please see information about Bombolulu on our Meet the Maker pages on the People Tree website.

How Does Bombolulu Make a Difference?

The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya took over Bombolulu in 1987. The non-profit organisation produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. The artisans are also supported with many social benefits, including a clinic, nursery, and a HIV prevention clinic.

Bombolulu has championed awareness of Fair Trade and the rights of physically-challenged people to fully participate in society. Bombolulu has held fashion shows in hotels and opened a cultural centre to celebrate the craftwork and beauty of handcrafted jewellery, textiles and wood carvings.